The childhood in the Sunny city

Buildings for preschool groups take a difficult examination on compliance with high standards of the city today. They have to be safe, hi-tech, disposing to freedom of expression and creativity. Building No. 8 of school No. 1542 built recently in Solntsevo is exactly of this kind.

The new building for preschool groups of school No. 1542 is located on Aviatorov Street, 7/3. There are three floors in the building, nearly 4600 square meters of the area. It is designed according to the individual project for 300 children. The building for preschool groups consists of blocks, there is a cloakroom, a room of a group, a bathroom and a restroom, and a café in each of them. A gym, a room for extra-curricular activities, offices of a speech therapist and an educational psychologist, a catering department, a medical block are also equipped. There are twelve small and two big sports areas in the well-planned yard.



At the end of January the building for preschool groups was solemnly opened by the Mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin. “The kindergarten belongs to the complex of school No. 1542, it is a large education center. And, probably, it is also convenient for children to enter school after the kindergarten. In Solntsevo both kindergartens, and schools are demanded in general, a lot of housing is being built, therefore, we are also actively building kindergartens “, the Mayor said. The mayor of the city also added that 28 kindergartens and schools had been constructed in the previous year.



In the past kindergarten pupils went to the bedrooms only for rest, and these rooms were empty for the rest of the time. In the new building hundred-meter groups’ rooms can be divided if necessary into two parts by means of mobile transforming partitions. When time to have a rest comes, the zone for sleeping with light mobile beds is separated from the zone for games and activities. When the time for rest is over beds are removed, the partition is moved as a big screen.



Children with special educational needs can always use an elevator. During activities, tutors teach children to draw on interactive panels and to move virtual objects. Therefore, there are no difficulties upon transition from pre-school to the first grade — everything is familiar to the children.



In the rooms there are interactive tables with the informative games aimed at the development of mathematical and spatial thinking, logic, reading skills. And, playing with friends, while helping each other and competing at the same time, is always even more beneficial.



The gym is safe for children thanks to a special shock-absorbing floor coverage and mats on the walls. In the gym there is all necessary equipment for the outdoor games and activities improving health. Pupils of younger groups especially love the pool with small plastic balls — usually this joy is available only in entertainment centers and parks.



The hall for music and dances is spacious too, with good acoustics. A floor is covered with a soft carpet, which ensures safety and sound insulation. Experts know that at an early age the most important factor is a diverse environment. For example, the development of the child is positively influenced by a path with non-uniform surfaces. A preschool child who with interest learns to distinguish soft from firm, rough from smooth, dry from liquid and so on, will deal with abstract categories and difficult artistic images subsequently.



Independently, in the company of friends or with the support of an adult, a preschool group child learns to create games by himself, set the first purposes and reach them. Little success at an early age is a guarantee of achievements in the future.

text: I. Tolstikova photo: N. Arefyeva


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