Saturdays of a Moscow student: the city of opportunities

18 areas of study, hundreds of educational venues, more than 620 thousand participants comprise “Saturdays of a Moscow Student” city educational project which marks its fifth anniversary in September. The article provides an overview of the project opportunities for young Muscovites.

The project started in 2013 with the “University Saturdays”  programme. Several Moscow universities invited students not only for “university taster days”, but also to immerse in possible careers, to discuss trends in science, to get acquainted with professors. Over the five years more than 50 institutions of higher education have joined the programme. These institutions invite not only children, but also their parents for the “Saturdays”. Moreover, “University Saturdays” gave rise to “Engineering Saturdays” and “Saturdays of Legal Literacy”.



“University Saturdays are very useful for schoolchildren. They help kids to decide on their professional intentions. Gradually they start to realize where to study and what career path to choose. On the Engineering Saturdays at MAI schoolchildren always ask plenty of questions, we see their interest and try to tell them as much as possible not only about trends in aviation science, but also about our institute.”

Alexander Efremov, Dean of the Aircraft Engineering Faculty, Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI)



“Engineering Saturdays” open up for children a whole new world of cutting-edge technologies. Students can explore such technologies as remote control robots, 3D-printing and virtual reality, laser and nanotechnologies in modern medicine. Meetings are held at college usability laboratories, industrial zones, robotariums in Centers for Technological Support in Education, as well as in leading technical and technological universities of Moscow. “Engineering Saturdays” are popular among those students who keep up to date with the progress and want to get the profession for the future.



To learn about laws, their rights and duties children can join “Saturdays of Legal Literacy” programme. Quests and workshops enable kids to learn the basics of jurisprudence and prepare for adult life in a metropolis. During 2017-2018 academic year more than 138,000 students have attended the programme.
Another programme, launched in the city to help students reveal their talents and choose their profession, is called  “Professional Environment”.
The idea is to create an open dialogue between schoolchildren or parents and businessmen, masters of vocational education, established professionals. Internships, trainings, talk shows, games and workshops help children become familiar with the most popular jobs in tourism, economics, education, medicine, transport and logistics, construction and design, IT and telecommunications, manufacturing industry. Over the past academic year more than 35,000 students participated in this programme.



Leaders of student self-government and children with active civil position, who plan to link their future career with public work, are welcome to attend “Activists Saturdays” programme.



It allows young people to acquire skills of teamwork and effective communication, to learn about challenges of urban development, to visit the Moscow City Duma and meet with the deputies.
For children, who are interested in military and space topics, there are such projects as “Saturdays Of Courage” and “Space Saturdays”.



Young patriots can take part in marching and fire trainings, become acquainted with latest samples of military vehicles and equipment, and even test drive them, visit leading military universities in the capital, military units of the Moscow garrison and military museums. And for to-be cosmonauts there are lectures and excursions, where they can study the history of the world and national cosmonautics. Every year more than 15,000 students take part in these two programmes. To become experts in history children can participate in the events of  “Historical Saturdays” programme..
Here they will learn about the rich heritage of our country, that should not be forgotten. Thematic and interactive excursions, quizzes, quests are being organized on various city sites, including historical park “Russia Is My History”, the Victory Museum on Poklonnaya Hill, the Museum of Contemporary History of Russia, the Museum of Moscow.
To get acquainted with famous artists, gallery owners, leading art-managers and curators of exhibitions and festivals, to learn how to draw in different styles, and to visit the most interesting cultural events in the city students are offered to join  “Art Saturdays” programme.



For those who are used to spending their weekends actively, there is “Sports Saturdays” programme. It includes physical classes and games, city sports festivals and holidays, meetings with famous athletes and coaches, and trips to competitions, where students can become a fan and support their favorite sportsmen and teams. More than 3,800 children attended the project over the last academic year.



“Professional internships” introduce high school students to the opportunities of the chosen profession. Children are invited to become members of the youth career club, where they are taught the skills of job hunting and self-presentation. They can also visit the “Laboratory of Entrepreneurship” and get acquainted with businessmen and business coaches, participate in quest routes, workshops, and coaching sets.



The “Saturday Of A Moscow Student” project helps children understand how versatile a person’s life in a metropolitan is. It consists of ecological issues, rational resource consumption, recycling of materials, answers to which can be obtained at the “Eco-Saturdays” programme.
On the other hand, it is important for a modern citizen to be competent in questions of personal finance management, taxes, market instruments and banking products. These topics are studied at the “Financial and Entrepreneurial Saturdays” programme..


“I attended different events of University Saturdays programme. This helped me a lot choose the institute. After I listened to the speeches of professors from different universities, I realized that I want to devote my life to aviation, and I choose Moscow Aviation Institute.”

Roman, an 11th grade student


“Saturdays Of A Moscow Student is a very important project. It helps expand the horizons. You do not always get specific knowledge at its activities, for example, in physics or mathematics, but everything you hear can be useful for self-development and choosing the career.”

Anastasia, a 10th grade student


New themes and platforms for young Muscovites are being opened every year. In 2018 four new programmes have been launched: “IT Saturdays”, “TV Saturdays”, “Foresight Of Professional Success”and “Making Complex Things Simple”. In the coming academic year the city will launch a new programme — “Theatrical Saturdays”. It is expected, that the programme will help students learn the world of theatre from a new perspective: children will be able to go behind the scenes, to meet with actors and directors, to see the best plays on different stages of Moscow theatres.



Choose your “Saturday” and join the unique city project!

text: L. Serebryannik   photo: N. Arefieva,




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