#PROM2018 New level: Moscow VI

On the night of June 23-24, Moscow school leavers got a special present from the Moscow mayor – the 6th citywide prom, which took place in Gorky Park. The annual event brings together tens of thousands of students from all Moscow schools and vocational colleges. This year’s motto is The New Level. Over 23,000 participants signed up for the event.

There was a versatile program prepared for the school leavers: the park was divided into seven interactive zones, each of them dedicated to upgrading certain skills. In the Charisma zone, yesterday’s schoolers watched street theatre performances and attended public speaking and teleprompter workshops. In the interactive Intelligence zone, students solved puzzles and participated in fun quizzes and a spectacular steampunk show. The videogame-themed photo zone was located in the Agility section. The interactive spots allowed young people to take part in popular team games. In the Perception zone, students had an opportunity to attend a drumming workshop, compete with each other in the command of foreign languages and test their knowledge of Moscow.



I’m a bit sad about the school days being over, but I’m also happy to start a new chapter of my life. I’m looking forward to a great celebration and itching to see what’s in store for us!

Alexander, a First Moscow Cadet Corps graduate


The most popular zones were Endurance, Strength, and Agility. There, sporting competitions in table-tennis, soccer and basketball were set up. School leavers created their own art objects and played such popular games as Jenga, curling and corn hole.



I’d like to have fun today and have a really good time! New life is starting tomorrow and I already have so many plans! First of all, I want to enter a university, of course. I’d like to go to a military academy.

Daniil, a First Moscow Cadet Corps graduate


The most anticipated part of the celebration was the concert: over a hundred musicians performed that night. They were selected by students themselves via voting on the Active Citizen website.



While preparing this program, we were trying to make it interesting for students, so they actively participated in planning it. 13, 000 votes were submitted to the Active Citizen website. The musicians performing today are the ones students chose.

Head of Moscow Department of Culture, Alexander Kybovsky



The majority of students voted for the rappers Feduk and Mot.



They became the headliners of the Moscow prom 2018. Other musicians who performed in Fountain Square were T-Killah, Yulya Parshuta, Dmitriy Malikov, Jacques Anthony, Hannah and other well-known Russian singers.



Today we are looking forward to seeing the coolest singers! I voted for Terry. And I voted for Olga Buzova. We can’t wait to see them today!

Ekaterina and Olga, School 1392 graduates


Of course, that night school leavers received congratulations and best wishes.


Dear graduates! Congratulations on completing your school education! Today is a big day for you. Today you are going to celebrate all night long. Your parents and grandparents are celebrating with you, and for them this event is no less important, believe me… Your nearest and dearest have welcomed every achievement of yours and have worried over every misfortune, probably, more than you have. Today, they are concerned about your future and hoping for the best. You have your whole life ahead of you and you’ll meet lots of great people, but never forget how much your family has done for you. So make sure to thank them today for the 11 years of support. I wish you good health and success in entering universities. Be happy, friends!

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin



According to the organizing committee, this year’s prom in Gorky Park was the safest one in six years. Around 1000 police officers and 4 ambulances were on duty there without interfering with the celebration.


A few minutes before midnight, the president of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, addressed the students. He wished for their aspirations to be meaningful and for their goals to be achieved. After that, the sky lit up with celebratory fireworks.



… I am happy to congratulate all school leavers of Russia on completing their school education. Today is one of the most wonderful, memorable, moving, exciting, and a little sad days of your life. Today you are parting with your school. A new important stage of your life lies ahead. You are in for unexpected and interesting challenges. It’s time to set meaningful, mature goals. I have no doubt you are ready for it. School has given you a solid foundation for your future. <…> I am convinced you are capable of fulfilling your most daring dreams and achieving the hardest goals. <…> And of course, let’s express our gratitude towards your parents, teachers and mentors for their hard work, wisdom and patience. We all believe in you, respect your outlook, your passions and choices… That’s the kind of people – bold, free, decisive, self-sufficient and responsible – that is capable of reforming the country, making a real breakthrough and surprising the world with new records and discoveries. Don’t limit your activities to liking posts on social networks. Act! Gain new knowledge, go for it! Once again, let me congratulate you on your graduation day. Good luck to you, be happy, loved and successful!

Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation


Digital Prom

A few months before the big celebration in Gorky Park, the Moscow Education Channel launched the Digital Prom. This year for the first time school leavers got an opportunity to take part in the Congratulation Challenge and become a star of the Moscow Education Channel within the framework of the Digital Prom 2018 project. Students could post photos and videos about their class or school on social networks with special hashtags. The competition had two winning categories: the most popular video and the most popular album. The main prize was an internship with the Moscow Education Channel. Another challenge for students and principals was to make a congratulatory video for the graduates of a particular Moscow school, post it on social networks with special hashtags and choose the next school to take part in the challenge. On the day of the prom, students could act as mobile reporters and tell all the Moscow Education Channel viewers how their celebration was getting on. To participate, one had to upload their one-minute video via the Mobile Reporter app. On the graduation day, the videos were broadcast on the Moscow Education Channel and those who had made the best videos received prizes.

text: Y. Goroshenko   photo: N. Arefyeva



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