Moscow: the City Of Winners

Students from Moscow schools are confidently leading in the All-Russian Olympiad for schoolchildren; they win international intellectual contests and show high results at the Olympiad of Metropolises. Read more details in the article below.

The Olympic path begins with a competition at a school level. The first level of the All-Russian Olympiad for School Students is held in every school in Moscow. All the students need to take part in this prestigious competition is willingness and self-confidence. Over the last academic year, about 400 thousand young Muscovites participated in the school level of the Olympiad, 125 thousand students took part in the district level, and 17 thousand made it to the regional level.
At the final level of the National Olympiad the capital was represented by the students of the 9th and the 10th grades. They competed in 24 subjects and set a new record at the Olympics: 191 winners and 715 awardees were students from 227 Moscow schools.
According to the director of the Center for Teaching Excellence Ivan Yashchenko, “this is a major success. The Olympiads have come a long way from being isolated cases to becoming common events in every school in Moscow. It is no longer surprising for schools to have winners or awardees of the Olympiad… Today every Moscow school regards success at intellectual competitions as a challenge. The winners are motivating other students by their personal example. As they finish schools and enter universities, they help to train new winners at the Champions Club”.



The All-Russian Olympiad for Schoolchildren 2017-2018


High results at the All-Russian Olympiad for School Students are not the limit for young Muscovites. As part of the Russian team, they are confidently leading at the international competitions. Throughout the previous academic year, Moscow students in the Russian team won 19 medals in eight subjects, which was half of all the awards of the team. They won seven gold, eight silver and four bronze medals for Russia.
In 2017 Sergei Sobyanin, the Mayor of Moscow, established special grants for the students who successfully compete in international competitions: gold winners are to receive one million rubles, silver winners are going to get 500,000 rubles, and bronze winners will be awarded 250,000 rubles.
“I believe that we should award the pupils who put so much effort and talent in what they do, studying brilliantly at school, competing for our city and our country,” the mayor said.
Moreover, in the first week of September the capital will become the world Olympic center. For the third time it will be hosting The Olympiad of Metropolises, an intellectual competition for schoolchildren from big cities and capitals of the world.
This international tournament was designed as an exciting intellectual contest. Each participant is represented by a team of 8 pupils in four disciplines, two per each subject: mathematics, chemistry, physics, and informatics. The tasks for teenagers aged 14−18 years are developed by the international jury, made up of renowned scientists and teachers.
The geography of the Olympiad of Metropolises is constantly expanding: two years ago, students from 22 cities from all over the world came to Moscow to test their knowledge, in 2017 students from 36 megacities gathered for the competition, and this year the number of cities is expected to grow. Among new city-participants are Ankara, Madrid, and Frankfurt am Main.


The winners of the International Mathematical Olympiad in 2018. Muscovites Arthur Gerasimenko and Yegor Ryabov won two gold medals for the Russian team. We are proud of our students!


Even in such tough struggle for victory, Moscow team is showing excellent results. Young Muscovites won the first and the second Olympiad of Metropolises. We look forward to the results of this year tournament, which will take place from 2 – 7 September 2018.
Every year the Olympiad begins with an interdisciplinary blitz tournament. This means dozens of tasks per subject, teamwork, two-hour time limit and emotional tension that pupils need to cope with in order to win. Any Moscow school can apply to participate in the blitz tournament. It is only required to register its team online at the official site of the Olympiad. The blitz tournament results will not be added to the Olympiad results and will not become part of the total score. Two main stages of intellectual competition include solving problems in mathematics and informatics, as well as theoretical and experimental assignments in physics and chemistry. The complexity of the assignments is up to par with the level of the largest international competitions.
However, not only the intense struggle, but also a diverse cultural program awaits the participants of the Olympiad: sightseeing tours, admiring the most picturesque views of Moscow during the riverboat trip, visiting the Moscow Kremlin and the best museums of the capital.
Unfortunately, not every team will be able to return home with medals, but there is no doubt that all the participants will get unforgettable impressions from the competition and will make new friends from different parts of the world.


text: L. Serebryannik   photographs are courtesy of the  Center for Teaching Excellence press service




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