Moscow. The Сity of the Future. The Lesson of Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin.

Moscow is a rapidly developing metropolis where all the facilities for comfortable life have been created. This is the place where various opportunities, great chances for success and high quality of life meet. Mayor SergeY Sobyanin has met the students of Moscow schools to discuss the capital’s unique infrastructure, the challenges it faces and its future development.

As Sergey Sobyanin stated at the beginning of the lesson, “Moscow is moving forward, enhancing its environment, healthcare, education, culture and sport. The capital is developing dynamically, attracting more people, and becoming a worthy rival to other cities. We can say that Moscow is a successful city.”
The children asked the Mayor a lot of questions. During the lesson they mentioned such issues as convenience of public transport and paid parking, road-building and renewal of the city streets, standards of comfortable housing and quality of health care and, finally yet importantly, education. The conversation touched upon almost every aspect of modern school life: consolidation of schools into larger educational complexes, strong performance of Moscow students in All-Russian and International School Olympiads, projects of pre-professional education and opportunities for the young residents of the capital. The students are firmly resolved to link their future with Moscow.



The students are firmly resolved to link their future with Moscow

The students and the Mayor also discussed the evolution of the city megaproject Moscow Electronic School (MESH). “We have created a unified educational platform, which gives the students an opportunity to study continuously, using the virtual space and even their own devices. This year we are going to complete the main phases of MESH implementation, and all the schools in Moscow will get access to its resources,” the mayor pointed out.



“Not a single question had been left unanswered by the end of the lesson”

After the lesson the children shared their impressions with School.Moscow magazine. They especially emphasized the mayor’s pedagogical talent. Connecting with modern teenagers so quickly while discussing such serious matters is obviously not an easy task.
“First of all, I got to see Sergey Sobyanin so close, just two steps away from me! He spoke to us objectively and made everything clear, like a true teacher! Not a single question had been left unanswered by the end of the lesson,” said Andrey, a student in his tenth year at school.
“Sergey Semyonovich could be an excellent teacher”, says Andrei’s classmate Kirill. “And most importantly, it was a cool lesson, a really useful one. I have learnt some new facts about the life of modern Moscow.”



Surely, the students left the lesson with vivid impressions, useful knowledge, and unforgettable memories. A one-and-a-half hour meeting flew by quickly. At the end of the class, Sergey Sobyanin happily agreed to make a memorable selfie with the students.
Apparently, the mayor of Moscow does not teach lessons like this one every day. Luckily, all the materials from the lesson Moscow. The City Where Tomorrow Is Born have been published on Moscow Electronic School official website
Thus, any student, parent, or teacher who lives in Moscow, can get access to current information about life and development of the capital.


“Sergey Semyonovich could be an excellent teacher”


“I have enjoyed the mayor’s lesson! It was interesting and all of the questions, not only mine, but also those of my parents, have been answered. Of course, I will remember this lesson for a long time. You do not often get a chance to meet the mayor and to communicate with him like”

Natalia, the tenth grade student



text: E. Rips   photo: N. Arefieva




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