Moscow in the Fall: New City Parks

The fall is no excuse to stay indoors. It’s a great time to walk in the fresh air, to enjoy the last warm rays of sunshine, to do sports and to explore newly opened parks – a wonderful present for the residents and visitors of Moscow.


Tyufel Grove Park: elegance in every detail


A pond with crystal clear waters, undergoing several purification stages, sun loungers and parasols, is situated by a pergola. All year round, children can enjoy an unusual playground with a climbing wall, trampolines and slides. Nature aficionados can take a stroll around the park zone, and those who prefer sports can make use of outdoor gear and training grounds. Modern infrastructure and breathtaking scenery combined attract numerous visitors to this cosy nook of Moscow.



The history of the area, which used to be an industrial site, served as a source of inspiration for the designers who created the park. For many years, this place was home to ZiL machine shops. At the moment, the industrial past is commemorated in a unique pergola, resembling a conveyor belt. It is a one-of-a-kind architectural construction: 1.3 km covered walking space, an observation deck, market stalls and a public art object.



Academichesky: a Park for People



Park Akademichesky is a new green space in the south-west of the capital. Its designers decided to make use of the unusual terrain with a naturally diverse elevation change and highlighted the beauty of the landscape with paved winding paths, steps and ramps. The park offers visitors a football pitch, a basketball court, a running track and a workout zone. Younger visitors of the park can marvel at large dinosaur figures right next to the main entrance before hurrying to the six playgrounds scattered around the park. These are very interesting: one of them presents 3D models of chemical elements making the first step into science even more exciting! There are also cosy pavilions with benches and comfortable pergolas for children and adults to rest and relax.



50th Anniversary of October Park: a New Life



50th Anniversary of October Park is a green old-timer of Moscow: it was opened in 1967. It was recently redeveloped in accordance with the citizens’ request. Now it is a successful combination of wildlife conservation and modern infrastructure: a skate park, a climbing wall, bicycle lanes, playgrounds and sports grounds, cafes and rental stores. Additionally, over 300 trees and 5000 bushes were planted along with lawns and flowerbeds.
The park can boast of its own symbol, the My Family sculpture group, also locally known as Little Palms. This is an installation made up of four colorful palms. It is a popular spot for meeting up and taking photos.


Mitino Landscape Park: a Historical Cluster



The first historic objects were discovered in the area surrounding the park at the beginning of the previous century. Since then, archeologists have conducted numerous excavations, finding burial mounds, settlements, ancient Slavs’ hillforts, fragments of old-time ceramics and vessels. During the 2017 modernization, the city government decided to create an archeological cluster right in the park instead of placing the findings in a museum. The museum square with its glass display cases, small exhibition halls and lecture halls has become the center of the cluster. This is where the hiking archeological route begins.
However, Mitino Park is not just a scientific park where one can learn about the ancient history of the area, but a place for relaxing, doing sports and entertaining kids. Those who love taking photos will appreciate view frames installed in the most beautiful spots of the park. The combination of unique archeological findings, picturesque scenery and state-of-the-art infrastructure is bound to impress every guest.



Southern Butovo Park: the biggest one outside the MKAD


Southern Butovo Landscape Park is the largest green space of Moscow situated outside the Moscow Automobile Ring Road. The signature feature of this place is its magnificent water bodies: the Chernevsky and Gavrikov ponds, the Koryushka river, numerous streams and canals. Their combined area measures up to 19.5 hectares.



“We sought your advice in order to decide what should be made of this park, and we did our best to implement most of your ideas. That included pure ponds with fish, quays, lounge zones near the water, dance floors, playgrounds and sports grounds. One of the largest Moscow districts deserves to have one of the best city parks,” Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin said at the reopening ceremony.



The park has really managed to make all citizens’ dreams come true. There are 12 km of cycling lanes and special grounds for dog training in the park.

text: L. Serebryannik photo: A.Danilkin, N. Arefyeva,




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